Model Blueprint

What does Model Blueprint Mean?

Model blueprints, a feature unique to DataRobot, are the combinations of feature engineering and other data preprocessing steps and machine learning algorithms that the platform uses to uncover relationships, patterns, insights, and predictions from data. Each blueprint in DataRobot was developed and fine-tuned by experienced data scientists. Using this modular approach to machine learning leads to great flexibility.

Why are Model Blueprints Important?

Because of the time involved in manually coding models, data scientists often rely on a limited number of modeling approaches. Sometimes data scientists choose to run certain types of algorithms, or they will always choose to use a specific approach to treat missing values during data preparation. The truth is that there is no one recipe that works consistently across problems, meaning that limiting yourself to one or two standard practices will not result in the most accurate possible outcomes. This is known as the ‘No Free Lunch Theorem,’ which states that no algorithm can be equally good at learning everything.

Data science projects should include many different combinations of modeling techniques in order to find the best technique for each unique dataset and business problem. Model blueprints automate this process, allowing users to rapidly test many different modeling approaches in the time it would take for a traditional data scientist to try just a few, increasing model diversity and resulting in better decisions based on the most accurate model.

DataRobot + Model Blueprints

DataRobot’s team of expert data scientists has developed and thoroughly tested all kinds of model blueprints and made them available through the DataRobot AI Platform. Whenever you use DataRobot, it tries dozens of diverse modeling approaches on your data, facilitating model diversity and allowing you to pick and choose the most accurate models. Not only that, DataRobot is constantly growing and testing its library of machine learning models and creating new blueprints based on the best open source technology available.

Additionally, DataRobot extensively documents each step inside every blueprint, which increases model interpretability and gives you greater understanding about what is going on behind the scenes.