Google Cloud and DataRobot

The Comprehensive Solution to Master Your AI Challenges

Seamlessly Deploy and Manage Your Entire AI Lifecycle

DataRobot and Google Cloud have teamed up to provide you with a complete solution that fast-tracks the deployment of your predictive and generative AI applications. 

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Confidently Manage AI Deployments

Safeguard your AI assets in one place using DataRobot LLMOps and MLOps, no matter where your models are deployed or hosted:

  • Remove the requirement of testing data pipeline connections by using DataRobot’s Google Cloud Ready certified integrations.
  • Monitor standard and custom model performance metrics such as compute cost, ROI, or toxicity with real-time notifications.
  • Stop harmful LLM responses before they happen with DataRobot’s real-time intervention and moderation tools.
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Active deployments DataRobot and Google Cloud

Fast-Track AI Solutions

Deploy AI models fast, whether they’re built on Google or DataRobot platform:

  • Simplify deployment on Google Cloud with DataRobot’s multiple options, from simple APIs and edge deployments to embedding in apps.
  • Accelerate model integration and optimization with GCP-specific AI Accelerators.
  • Rapidly develop your AI playbook and upskill your workforce with the DataRobot Catalyst Program.

Unlock AI Use Cases Across Industries

Build industry-specific predictive and generative AI models:

  • Compare and build with the best-of-breed components for your AI project by utilizing 150+ models from Google Model Garden, including Gemini and Palm2.
  • Streamline the model building process by using Big Query for data prep and DataRobot for model training and fine-tuning without having to move data.
  • Combine the power of DataRobot Workbench and Vertex AI Search to build cutting-edge generative AI experiences.
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By working with partners like DataRobot, we are excited to continue empowering organizations with the most innovative AI solutions to suit their specific enterprise needs. With Google Cloud’s robust, advanced and Gemini-powered infrastructure, and the full AI lifecycle platform DataRobot provides, we’re enabling even more users to accelerate their AI journey and drive meaningful impact in every sector of business.
Ritika Suri
Ritika Suri

Director of Technology Partners at Google Cloud

USA Today: An End-to-End AI Solution with DataRobot and Google Cloud

Using the DataRobot platform, we’ve automated many steps in the machine learning pipeline for hundreds of models. The synergy between Google and DataRobot helps us create a comprehensive solution for developing, deploying, and managing machine learning models. For example, we have added critical monitoring steps for models pre-built on the Google Cloud Platform. We are strategically exploring similar synergies for generative AI.
Arvind Thinagarajan

Head of Data Science & Analytics, Gannett | USA Today Network

DataRobot and Google Cloud provide the infrastructure and the AI platform you need to deliver complete use case solutions.

Watch this demo as DataRobot’s Luke Shulman demos our pharmaceutical forecasting AI app that show you how to:

  • Combine the power of generative and predictive AI
  • Build a forecast in DataRobot using Google BigQuery data
  • Employ Google’s Palm 2 for product grouping and explainability
  • Utilize DataRobot’s command center for comprehensive model monitoring
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