What Is AIOps?

AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It refers to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) insights to IT and network operations, aiming to simplify and automate these operations to a large extent. AIOps leverages big data and machine learning technologies to collect historical and real-time telemetry data from systems as well as data from IT and network operations tools. This data is then analyzed and correlated using ML models or AI engines to identify operational issues, recommend remedial actions to engineers, and trigger automated responses, thereby enabling more proactive and data-driven decision-making in IT operations​​.

Why Is AIOps Important? 

AIOps allows IT organizations to further optimize their available resources and maintain scalability, which is especially important in an environment where IT teams are being increasingly overwhelmed with the growing number of AI projects that require a lot of customization and maintenance. 

AIOps + DataRobot

The DataRobot AI Platform is an open, complete AI lifecycle platform that provides a unified experience to build, govern, and operate your entire generative and predictive AI landscape. DataRobot is related to AIOps in a few ways.

The DataRobot AI Platform capabilities allow IT organizations to quickly deliver AIOps use cases, using AI Experimentation and AI Production features that streamline the AI lifecycle for both generative and predictive AI use cases. From anomalous network activity detection and application downtime forecasting to network outage predictions and other infrastructure monitoring applications – organizations build AI use cases using advanced DataRobot capabilities in the fraction of the usual time.  

Additionally, DataRobot AI Production capabilities allow organizations to automate and improve processes and practices around management and governance of AI infrastructure that they often own, including model deployment, monitoring, and governance. DataRobot MLOps and LLMOps features deliver full control over all of the generative and predictive AI assets in a single place, with transparent ownership and governance.