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Beyond Differences, Embracing the Journey: A New Year’s Resolution for a Better Tomorrow

January 23, 2024
· 6 min read

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the promise of a new beginning, there’s no better time to reflect on our collective journey toward a more inclusive and equitable future. The dawn of a new year presents us with the opportunity to set intentions that go beyond personal aspirations—this year, let’s make it a collective commitment to foster Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in every aspect of our lives.

In this blog, we’ll explore the power of our DEIB communities as one transformative force, delve into the importance of creating spaces that embrace everyone’s unique narratives, and share practical resolutions to help us all weave the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the fabric of our daily lives. As we step into the unknown of this new year, let’s embark on a journey together—one that champions unity, celebrates differences, and shapes a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow for all.

In 2023, the Belong Community Leaders came together to create a space for meaningful discussions on relevant topics called Beyond Differences. This series of internal events is hosted by the Belong communities and open to ALL. The goal is to be Better Together by driving conversation, initiating action, accelerating progress, and facilitating impact.

We had two roundtables discussing cultural differences and diverse networking, and one guest speaker presenting on the topic of cultural competency. As we look forward into 2024, we plan to continue strengthening our communities, fostering real connection, and facilitating empathy and understanding by looking beyond our differences. 

Like last year, we asked our communities what their goals and resolutions are for the coming year.  

Alex Shoop ACTnow removebg previewACTnow! advocates for the diverse needs of all Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander teammates through educational, cultural and social activities. Leader Alex Shoop (he/him).

This year, we celebrate the year of the dragon which symbolizes fortune, resilience, and strength. On behalf of the ACTnow! community, we wish you a happy 2024! We will continue cultivating a space to celebrate Asian traditions, share cultural learnings, and spotlight our diverse employees.

ADAPTADAPT provides education and allyship to advocate for and empower our teammates with disabilities to ensure an inclusive work environment. Leader Chad Harness (he/him).

To enhance the inclusivity and engagement within our ADAPT community, we will initiate weekly discussions centered around “AI and Machine Learning for All.” Our goal is to stimulate active participation, with the aim of increasing the weekly engagement and maintaining active involvement throughout the year. We will collaborate with DataRobot’s AI experts to curate relevant content and insights tailored to inclusivity in AI, fostering a more vibrant and interactive support group.

In order to strengthen advocacy and support within our ADAPT community, we will establish a dedicated space where members can confidentially share concerns or insights related to accessibility and inclusivity. Our goal is to provide timely response or acknowledgment to these insights and concerns.

To further enhance mental health support within our ADAPT community, we will expand the existing resources, offering tech-specific insights and coping strategies.

Lelia Colleybeacon on grayBEACON aims to advance a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community that fosters a culture of belonging for Black teammates both current and future. Leader Lelia Colley (she/her).

In 2023, BEACON ended the year with a focus on community and connection by kicking off our Pages of Inclusion Book Club. These sessions allowed for intentional thought collaboration and to become familiar with Black authors and refreshing concepts. 

When it comes to our focus of 2024, we aim to create a more inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for black employees and allies at DataRobot by establishing initiatives to support the mental health and well-being of black employees and allies, including mental health resources and open discussions: 

  • Fostering a supportive network among black employees and allies through regular networking events, cross-functional collaborations, and knowledge-sharing forums. 
  • Implementing programs to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of black employees and allies within the organization. Establishing safe spaces for open dialogues where BEACON members can share experiences, concerns, and ideas to foster a more supportive community.
  • Promoting allyship and inclusivity by providing resources and training to DataRobot employees, encouraging active support of marginalized communities.
  • Actively participating in recruitment efforts by collaborating with the People team to identify strategies for attracting and retaining black talent. 
Lisa AguilarLATTITUD is dedicated to connecting the Latin/Hispanic community in a supportive and uplifting environment while creating space to share ideas, struggles, resources, and celebrate our diverse cultures and accomplishments. Leader Lisa Aguilar (she/her).

Em Radkowskipridebots removebg previewPrideBots provides an open, safe, inclusive community where members can connect on common interests or backgrounds and celebrate all sexes, gender identities, gender expressions, and orientations. Leader Em Radkowski (she/her).

Pridebots resolve to lean further into affirming the identities of LGBTQIA+ and questioning team members. We commit to acknowledging and raising awareness about the diverse lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals, recognizing the impact of factors such as race, religion, ethnicity, age, ability status, social class, and other social characteristics.

As part of this commitment, our goal is to advise the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) on opportunities and challenges related to LGBTQIA+ team members. We will advocate for inclusive policies and practices within the organization. Additionally, our community aims to review our health benefits and advise our organization to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their identity, can benefit from comprehensive healthcare services. This goal aligns with our broader commitment to creating a workplace that values diversity and prioritizes the well-being of all employees.

DataRobot VeteransDataRobot Veterans brings together those who have served in all branches of the military for ongoing resources, support and networking. Leader Robert Newsom (he/him).

2024 will be the year when the DataRobot Veterans community launches, starting with an effort to increase channel membership and a poll to identify which components our veterans belong to. We want to give presentations on topics of interest to the community, such as the PACT Act and any company policies regarding mandatory service and recall to active duty.

Teresa Gearinwomen@dr 1024x1024Women @ DR seeks to create, promote and expand an inclusive culture that connects, educates and advances the needs, professional goals and aspirations of our community of female-identifying members and allies. Leader Teresa Gearin (she/her). 

Women@DR is committed to laying a solid foundation for a future mentorship program in 2024, while simultaneously enhancing the overall experience of women within the organization. Our focus is on connecting the community, building allyship, and shining a light on gaps in equity and inclusion. This groundwork will contribute to a more supportive and inclusive workplace for women at every stage of their careers. 

Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is a collective effort to foster a culture that values and respects differences, for all individuals, at all levels. Here are a few ways you can join this effort in small everyday actions. 

Educate Yourself: Take the initiative to educate yourself on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read books, articles, and attend workshops to broaden your understanding.

Listen Actively: Listen to the experiences and perspectives of people from different backgrounds without judgment. Actively seek to understand the challenges faced by others and be empathetic.

Challenge Stereotypes: Speak up when you encounter stereotypes or biased statements. Challenge misconceptions and promote a more accurate understanding of diverse groups.

Use Inclusive Language: Be mindful of the language you use and strive to use inclusive terminology. Avoid making assumptions about people based on stereotypes or preconceived notions.

Amplify Others: Amplify the voices of those who may be marginalized or underrepresented. Give credit where it is due and acknowledge the contributions of others.

Advocate for Inclusive Policies: Support and advocate for workplace policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Encourage your organization to adopt practices that create a more inclusive environment.

Call Out Microaggressions: Address microaggressions when you witness them, even if they are subtle. Help create an environment where people feel safe and respected.

Engage in Allyship: Be an ally to individuals from marginalized groups by actively supporting and standing up for them. Use your privilege to advocate for equal opportunities.

Embrace Lifelong Learning: Recognize that promoting DEIB is an ongoing process of learning and unlearning.Stay open to new ideas and be willing to adapt your perspectives based on new information.

Belong @ DataRobot is committed to continuing our journey in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in 2024 by presenting opportunities for the people of DataRobot to actively participate in community, events, education, conversations, and self reflection. We wish everyone a gentle and prosperous 2024. 

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About the author
Teresa Gearin
Teresa Gearin

Marketing Operations Project Manager at DataRobot

Teresa Gearin is the operations project manager for Marketing at DataRobot. She also leads the DEIB initiative by coordinating and bringing together all Employee Resource Communities, communications, events, and strategies for Belong. Teresa has worked in the DEI space for several years prior to coming to DataRobot, launching her previous company’s DEI program and supporting large non-profit efforts. DEI is especially important to her as she continues the legacy of her great-uncle, civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez. Outside of work she enjoys the warm weather in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and 2 children.

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