SAP and DataRobot

Power Your Business Processes with Generative and Predictive AI.

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Stay Ahead with Relevant AI

Harness the transformative power of generative and predictive AI to redefine your core business processes through our seamless integration.

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Deploy Reliable AI

Reach your business objectives with the guidance of our AI experts. Benefit from our extensive experience, detailed case studies, and AI Accelerator templates to confidently deploy your AI initiatives.

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Commit to Responsible AI Operations

Stay ahead with proactive management, monitoring, and governance of your AI production pipelines, all within the SAP ecosystem.

This partnership between the two brings together DataRobot’s multimodal machine learning capabilities with SAP’s extensive business data and processes to create business-centric AI solutions.
Nishant Thacker

VP, Solution Management, SAP


Equip yourself with the necessary infrastructure and capabilities for your generative and predictive AI initiatives with the DataRobot AI platform and AWS.

Together, we empower you to develop your way, deploy in your preferred location while leveraging optimal operations and governance, ensuring a streamlined and efficient AI journey.

Deployment Options
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – Single-Tenant SaaS
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – VPC installation
  • DataRobot Multi-Tenant SaaS