Snowflake and DataRobot

Level Up Your End-to-End Data to AI Lifecycle.

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Break Down Data and AI Silos

Securely connect from DataRobot to Snowflake to harness all your data and rapidly transform it into predictive and generative AI solutions.

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Build, Deploy, and Scale AI at Scale

Combine the power of Snowpark with the optionality of DataRobot to effortlessly scale, manage and govern AI across your organization.

Secure Your AI Assets

Run your data transformation and AI production pipelines within your Snowflake environment to minimize data movement and streamline security and governance.

With DataRobot’s AI Platform, our joint customers have the ability to easily prepare, train, and deploy the most advanced machine learning models on top into their Snowflake environment, solving their unique business problems quickly, efficiently, and securely.
Ahmad Khan Snowflake
Ahmad Khan

Head of AI/ML Strategy, Snowflake

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Retail CPG
We’ve been able to leverage DataRobot to help improve projections and fraudulent data. DataRobot gives us prediction explanations, which helps drive our users in the direction we think is best fit for them.
Within the last couple of years, we’ve been using Snowflake to now pull the data from DataRobot using an API and then pushing our results and our predictions back into Snowflake from DataRobot.
Sarah Gibson Aflac
Sarah Gibson

Manager, US Business Analytics, Aflac


DataRobot and Snowflake offer a seamless data to AI lifecycle solution, allowing you to effortlessly scale AI across your organization and rapidly deliver value.

This integration not only harnesses the full potential of your Snowflake environment but also accelerates your predictive and generative AI initiatives. 

Deployment Options
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – Single-Tenant SaaS
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud – VPC installation
  • DataRobot Multi-Tenant SaaS